Attila’s approach is holistic, emphatic, professional and practical. He has a certain calm and ease that make you feel comfortable. Most importantly he treated me for digestive issues and topical eczema and was able to relieve my symptoms and explained the why and how in order for me to better understand my own body.
Vanessa V.


I came to see Attila for anxiety, which I had experienced for many years. I have now been coming to him for a few months and have noticed a big shift in my mood. His calm, gentle approach always leaves me feeling amazing, and I’m able to take this feeling with me into my daily life. Situations that used to trigger my anxiety no longer do, and I generally feel lighter and more grounded. I feel fortunate to have Attila as my acupuncturist and I would highly recommend him.
Sarah H., UK


I saw Attila over a period of six weeks for acute lower back pain. He was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, explained what he was working on and why and followed up with messages after every session and reminders about upcoming appointments. He also recommended supplements and other treatments I could carry out at home to speed up my recovery. I would thoroughly recommend Attila if you are looking for an acupuncturist!
Richard M., UK

I had the good fortune of meeting Attila, after a considerable haemorrhagic stroke. I had made progress over ten years; I knew my body needed more help to unlock the deeper damage I had sustained. Joyful gentle experience carried out in a professional manner I am now able to swim and go back to my beloved life drawing. If life offers you this experience please take it.
Katya M.

Attila successfully helped me sort out my amenorrhea which I had been suffering from for over 10 years. I had six consultations with him and he tweaked each session to get me back on the road to recovery. Attila is very passionate about his work and this shows in his practice. I felt comfortable with him and would definitely see him again if I needed acupuncture.
Amanda C., UK

I came to Attila with chronically blocked ears. He helped me understand that the underlying cause was digestional, and gave me treatments to strengthen my digestion. In particular, he also gave me clear and thorough advice on how to improve my diet to support a strong digestion. Through these things together, my body has become much stronger overall and former problems have gone.

Attila has a breadth of knowledge, understanding and experience which makes you feel very confident, and above all he genuinely cares. This manifests as a lovely warmth, respect and lightness as well as a sincere listening presence. If you are seeking an acupuncturist then you need look no further.
Henry T., UK

I came to see Attila with a one-sided migraine that had given me some nausea on the day. It took only one treatment to resolve the problem. He also massaged my neck to release the tightness from the muscles. My migraine was gone completely within ten minutes.
Katharina S.